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We Provide Options to Clients No One Else Can.

Where other marketing companies fail to provide what they promise, we deliver!  If you're interested in growing your practice exponentially, look no further.  We provide real time, exclusive leads to attorneys.  The system that we have developed are meant for attorneys looking for 5 to 10 leads per DAY, if not more!

Our system is run by a 15 year practicing attorney.  As an attorney, he knows that the key to any successful law practice are clients.

If you would like to learn more about how our system works, please feel free to contact us.  Talking to us will cost you nothing.







Tier 3 leads include all personal injury, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accident leads, and workers compensation leads.

Tier 1 leads include bankruptcy, family law, divorce, civil law, immigration, foreclosure, estate planning, real estate law, labor & employment law

Tier 2 leads include criminal law, DUI, and tax debt leads

You pay only after you have received your leads (every 5 to 10 leads).  A majority of leads will be potential clients contacting you via telephone.  However, you wil also receive some internet inquiry leads.

Powerful ROI value.  These are actual potential clients that are interested in the services you provide

No Risk (Month to Month Contract)

Limited Competition (we may only serve 2 to 3 law firms within a given territory

Track the results - you will not only receive recorded conversations of your potential clients, you will also receive their caller ID information to track your clients and to create a follow-up system to contact those that have not retained your services.

These leads are geographically targeted.  If you're looking for leads within a 30 mile radius from your office, not a problem.

Leads are provided during your business hours.  If you're interested in consulting with clients between the hours of 9am - 5pm, not a problem.  If you're looking for after-hour clients (i.e., bankruptcy related to potential foreclosure sale, DUI Defense, etc), not a problem.  You just let us know.

We Are confident that our marketing program will prove to be a valuable and profitable supplement to your existing source of revenue generating efforts

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Attorney Pro Marketing Reviews

Read testimonials and reviews from actual attorneys that we've helped.

The real estate and construction leads they have generated are incredible.  I've been on the program for over 4 months now and haven't looked back.


- Harvey S - Los Angeles. 

A plentiful supply of bankruptcy leads is the lifeblood of any bankruptcy practice.  A slowdown of these leads. They definitely know what they're doing.  We started receiving leads 24 hours after we signed up.  

- Vincent A - Montgomery, AL

We tried all sorts of marketing for lawyers, but Alon puts his money where his mouth is.  Every other company we signed up with  gave us fluff about how long it will take to generate these leads and they never gave any guarantee.  If you're looking for actual clients, call them now!

 - Angie L - Chicago, IL

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